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October 25, 2010

FBU action should be legislated against.

I’m irritatingly without Internet at a time when I seem to have loads of thoughts I’d like to share. Blogging on the iPhone seems to be about as user-friendly as Teletext, so if TalkTalk would like to hurry up with my new router, I’d be much obliged (and it would save me having to write another angry consumer letter akin to the PC World one).

All that said, I can’t not mention the ridiculous, scandalous, dangerous, cretinously irresponsible decision by the Fire Brigades Union to strike on Bonfire Night, in a couple of weeks. To ignore their duties and to risk people’s lives, for the sake of their employment squabbles, massively damages their reputation as heroically brave men and women. I’m staggered that anyone within the union thinks that this action will gain the support of the public that it so badly needs in order to be successful.

This strike threat, more so than any of the others we’ve seen in recent weeks, should – must – prompt the coalition to look into stronger laws concerning strike action. This country should not, and must not, be held to ransom by selfish, greedy, egoistic union chiefs.

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