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November 16, 2010

Time to end the cynicism?

It says something about the precedent that Labour set that, now, any bad news that is released on the same day that ‘bigger’ news is released simply has to be a case of ‘burying bad news’. Of course, we remember Jo Moore rabidly sending an email out hours after the 9/11 attacks suggesting it was “a very good day to get out anything we want to bury”, but what a shame that such cynicism has developed into a form of almost post-modern cynicism amongst journalists and opponents of the government. The issue is no longer politicians’ cynicism but instead the cynicism of their opponents in making assumptions of the politicians’ cynicism. A complicated affair!

Anyway, the reason for my mini-rant? The Twittersphere has been agog with allegations of cynical governmental bad news-burying, after some bad news was released this morning around the same time that Prince William’s engagement was announced. The normally considered Paul Waugh sarcastically remarked:

only to have to backtrack having actually looked at the facts:

I have no doubt that the government pick the best moment to release bad news. They’d be stupid not to. But maybe it’s time for journalists and opponents to end the instant cynicism whenever such coincidences – genuine coincidences – occur. Not all politicians operate at the loathsome and contemptible level of Jo Moore.

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