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January 30, 2011

Clegg needs to man up.

If, as reported in today’s Telegraph, Nick Clegg is refusing to receive new memos or paperwork after 3pm each day, he needs to reflect on whether he’s made out for top-level politics. It simply isn’t practical or appropriate for our Deputy Prime Minister, an important member of the government and a key player in the coalition, to be trying to limit his workload in such a way. This is, after all, a man who wanted to be Prime Minister – a job with an even heavier workload and even fewer opportunities for recreation.

I know he’s recently expressed a concern at his failure to get his work-life balance right since entering Government. I sympathise to an extent, but there’s a reason that he’s paid nearly £135,000 a year – to work seriously hard. I’m not suggesting he should be doing Brown-esque 18-hour days (with the associated sleep-deprived rages) but if he wants evenings off and relaxed weekends, he’s not in the right profession.

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