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January 31, 2011

Miliband gives wrong message on drugs.

Forgive my pedantry and pervading sanctimony here, but I’m a tad bemused by an answer Ed Miliband gave in a recent interview with GQ magazine. Asked if he’d ever taken drugs at university, he said he hadn’t because he was “a bit square”. Is he saying that only nerdy people eschew drugs? Is he saying that so as not to be perceived as geeky or dull or ‘square’ at university, students should take drugs? Is he saying that in order to avoid displaying his level of social awkwardness, students should be sure to find themselves a local dealer and ideally develop a raging crack habit? I’m pretty sure that’s not the message the Leader of the Opposition should be giving. It is the taking of drugs, not the avoidance of drugs, that should be portrayed negatively and discouraged.

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