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February 22, 2011

Mea culpa. But my point still stands.

I’m always happy to admit when I get something wrong. I wrote yesterday that Colonel Gaddafi had fled to Venezuela to be welcomed by his fellow socialist – and Ken Livingstone’s best mate – Hugo Chavez. A matter of hours later, Gaddafi popped up in Libya, parading a huge umbrella, scoffing at any claims that he was in Venezuela. I can only assume he was livid at what he read on this blog. I’ve got a couple of thoughts…

Firstly, William Hague needs to get better sources. It was his reporting of the intelligence that he’d seen that prompted the worldwide story that Gaddafi had fled his country. To have subsequently been proved so wrong is a bit of an embarrassment for the Foreign Secretary. That said, lefties need to calm their excitement at his error. I mean, it’s not like Labour ever received dodgy foreign intelligence, is it? WMD anyone?

Secondly, the entire basis of yesterday’s post still stands. Just because Gaddafi isn’t in Venezuela doesn’t in any way detract from the point that he and Chavez are allies. Nor does it in any way detract from the point that Chavez is a less than reputable leader. One story I forgot to mention yesterday was the report in Die Welt a couple of months ago which claimed that Chavez has allowed Iran to establish a military base in Venezuela. The base houses ballistic missiles – within striking range of the US. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad isn’t just Ken Livingstone’s former employer; he’s one of the staunchest allies of Ken’s best mate. Those people that Ken has chosen to befriend, work for and associate with could well end up losing him the London mayoral race for the second time.

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