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February 28, 2011

Too many tweets make an Oona King.

It was always going to take a quite spectacularly stupid comment or action from Oona King to make me think that Labour actually made the right decision in selecting Ken Livingstone as their mayoral candidate over her. But, lo, incredibly, it seems to have happened:

For avoidance of doubt, she’s directly comparing the coalition government with the Ku Klux Klan. That’s the same Ku Klux Klan that have advocated white supremacy, white nationalism and anti-immigration terrorism. That’s the same Ku Klux Klan that have historically opposed the civil rights movement and progress among minorities. That’s the same Ku Klux Klan who have backed the murder of anyone belonging to an ethnic minority. That’s the same Ku Klux Klan who – in their modern guise – still promote Neo-Nazism, hate speech, racism and antisemitism.

Far from being an exception or an aberration, this is sadly the level to which a number of Labour’s bigwigs are prepared to stoop in order to smear the government. That’s the government who are working tirelessly to resolve the catastrophic set of economic conditions that King’s party left them with. How relieved the average Londoner must be that this odious woman failed (abysmally) in her attempt to become their mayor.

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