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April 30, 2011


Eddie Izzard’s faulty political antennae.

Paul Waugh reported earlier that Eddie Izzard is to embark on a four-day whistlestop tour of the United Kingdom in support of the ‘Yes to AV’ campaign. Whilst I applaud the endeavour, one can’t help thinking that he should stick to the comedy and charity fundraising – both of which he excels at. Assuming, as all polls now suggest, the ‘Yes’ campaign is unsuccessful on Thursday, it will have been yet another embarrassing political misjudgement on Izzard’s part.

This is the man, you might remember, who campaigned for Britain to adopt the Euro (a now laughable position, given the eurozone’s current crisis), who continually backed Gordon Brown’s leadership of the Labour Party, who played a big role in Labour’s 2009 European election campaign (where they finished an awful 3rd behind UKIP, and only just ahead of the Lib Dems), and who figured prominently in Labour’s disastrous General Election campaign last year.

Izzard’s political antennae are clearly faulty, if not broken.¬†Almost without exception, every political campaign he has ever been involved with has proved, ultimately, unsuccessful. Could someone please suggest to him that he offers to help Ken Livingstone next year?

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  1. Michael Bater
    Apr 30 2011

    Well that is biggest load of dingoes kidneys I’ve read for a long time!

    Isn’t Izzard allowed to campaign what he believes in any more?

    I my not like the policies of this Tory lead administration, but I wouldn’t stop anyone campaigning for them.

    That’s what democracy is about different views being aired and voted on!

    If you don’t like that go and find a nice little dictatorship to live under!

  2. james drake
    Apr 30 2011

    Losers somehow always seem to amalgamate together-Izzard a big plus for the no campaign!!!!

  3. Apr 30 2011

    Michael, I’m not suggesting he shouldn’t be allowed to campaign for what he believes in! Far from it – I’d love for him to campaign vociferously for Ken Livingstone next year!

  4. noelaspill
    May 1 2011

    I have always thought Izzard seems like a nice guy. He may be politically wrong but, in his case, I don’t think we need to vilify him. And generally speaking I don’t think we do. I remember being at a Sunday lunch with a lot of RAF people after the BBC had shown one of his shows..cross dressing and all. Counter-intuitively everyone spoke well of him because they all said he seemed like a decent chap.

    The real shame is that the BBC pump out this corrosive socialism continuously. The result is that the majority of the population now believe that socialism is the default moral position.

    Never mind Marx and Engels…this is a triumph for Marcuse and Gramsci.

    Noel Aspill


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