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May 21, 2011


Attack on Ken Livingstone applauded by Labour supporters.

Much has been made of the fact that whilst Boris is a natural unifier, Ken Livingstone is an inherently divisive candidate. But whereas to be disliked by opponents and members of other parties is almost to be expected, the fascinating thing about Ken is the extent to which many people within his own party dislike him too. I’ve written before, as an example, about how angry many Labour supporters were when he backed Lutfur Rahman over the Labour candidate in the Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election last autumn. Anyway, it seems that the antagonism and disapproval amongst Labour members has reared its head again today. An insult against him at the Progress conference was apparently roundly applauded:

For those readers with (sensibly) little knowledge of nauseatingly cult-ish gatherings of Labour comrades, the Progress Annual Conference’s by-line is ‘Winning back Britian: New ideas for New Labour’. It brings together (according to its website) “Labour members and trade unionists from across the country with senior politicians, union leaders, councillors and political commentators”. That this particular group of people should show such open hostility towards their London mayoral candidate is highly telling, and hugely embarrassing to Ken and his team.

[UPDATE - 22/5: Being the stickler for accuracy that I am, I'm happy to provide a quick update on the above. Shelly Asquith - a good egg, despite her unfortunate politics - assures me that Labour supporters did not boo Ken Livingstone yesterday, contrary to the original title of this post. It transpires that they actually just applauded an attack on him by David Aaronovitch.]

  1. Martin Marprelate
    May 21 2011

    It would be an unmitigated disaster for London if Livingstone were to defeat Boris in 2012. I feel so strongly about this that I will be campaigning for Boris starting next Saturday and I don’t even live in London nor am I a member of the Conservative Party!

    • Tankus
      May 21 2011

      Not Boris’s love child …are you ?

    • Mr Angry
      May 21 2011

      Well done Martin, if you do that then I will take back some of the nasty things I’ve said to you on Conservative Home.

    • John Moss
      May 22 2011


      Please get in touch via [email protected]

  2. Geoff Tozer
    May 21 2011

    It brings together (according to its website) “Labour members and trade unionists from across the country with senior politicians, union leaders, councillors and political commentators”.

    These words above speak mention of business people, the self-employed, small & medium businesses, the private sector, finance, engineering, manufacturing..THE WEALTH CREATORS !!

    God help this country if these Labour Clowns ever get back…they should be proscribed!!

  3. Barry
    May 21 2011

    Winning back Britian, huh? Good to know somebody’s concerned about the Untied Kingdom’s future. This is the party that has managed to screw up devolution for Scotland, reform of the House of Lords, The economy, pensions, our gold reserves, and the education system. The best thing it could do is to remain permanently in opposition.

  4. May 21 2011

    The Progress Labour types in London are a minority – we saw this when their candidate, Oona King, lost to Ken with only 31.4% of the vote. They believe they wieled more influence than they indeed do, and are incredibly bitter and unable to cope with defeat.
    The large majority of the Labour Party are rallied behind Ken – his campaign team include those of all sorts of political stripes, from Tessa Jowell to Val Shawcross.

  5. May 21 2011

    Boris is a “natural unifier”, eh? Not sure David Cameron would agree with you there.

  6. scrotie
    May 22 2011

    I don’t live in London, moved away in my teens many years ago (Ken was Leader). Something I see in Boris is a genuine love and passion for London, when you look past his buffoon/comedy persona he actually seems to show no hidden agenda other than a prosperous and united London, whilst he defends the capital’s corner. I rather feel that should I have continued to reside in London he would get my vote. Whilst I don’t dislike Ken Livingstone it feels that should he return our Capital would become a devisive, unhappy battle ground with everyone at loggerheads Ken doesn’t do harmonious. Please Londoners vote for the happier Capital.

    • John Moss
      May 22 2011


      If you wish to help Boris’s campign, there is plenty that you can do from outside London

      do contact me [email protected]

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