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June 1, 2011


Boris’ mailshot marks start of 2012 campaign.

In the most obvious sign yet that the BackBoris2012 campaign is now in full swing, Boris’ team have sent out promotional newspapers to nearly two million London households. The four-page papers are different for each borough (see the one for Barking & Dagenham below) and focus primarily on transport and crime. They cover some of Boris’ biggest achievements during the three years he’s spent in City Hall. It’s a great start to the campaign and will be a huge boon to those Boris backers who have already begun campaigning in earnest.

Ken Livingstone’s team have classily described the newspapers as “Pyongyang-style propaganda sheets”, which prompts two thoughts. Firstly, the newspapers are completely funded by private donations; not so much as a penny of taxpayers’ money has been spent on them. This is in stark contrast to the Londoner newspaper which Ken used for propaganda purposes when mayor yet forced taxpayers to pay £3 million a year for. My second thought is that, if Ken’s team want to make North Korean references in their criticism, Kim Jong-il is probably one of the only barbaric dictators in the world who Ken Livingstone hasn’t yet offered his support to.

[NOTE: The different newspapers for each of the London boroughs can be found here.]

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  1. Jun 1 2011

    Like Boris’s campaign website, the newspapers contain taxpayer funded and owned imagery from Transport for London.

    Disappointing really as his abolition of The Londoner was a good thing IMO.

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