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June 19, 2011

A birthday gift for Boris? How about a donation?

I’d like to wish Boris a very happy birthday…

Depending on your allegiances, you might be inclined to give Boris a gift on his special day. But what to give him – he’s probably got enough ties, and wine’s so hard to send in the post. Have you considered contributing towards his campaign? Unlike Ken, he’s not able to rely on the unions (that’s the same unions who are gearing up to cause untold disruption across London) to fund virtually his entire campaign. Instead, he relies solely on the backing of his supporters in his bid to accumulate a sufficiently hefty war-chest.

Boris is asking supporters for just £12. That’s £12 for 2012. What’s more, five randomly selected donors will win the chance to meet with Boris. So if you’d like Boris to still be mayor on his next birthday, I say give early, give often, give generously. Click here to donate.

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