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July 25, 2011

Livingstone stooge Jasper compares Boris to Breivik.

You remember Lee Jasper? The very epitome of Livingstone stooge, he advised Ken during his eight years as Mayor before being forced to quit after it was discovered he had channelled hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money to projects run by a woman he was simultaneously bombarding with sexually explicit emails.

Mark Wallace over on the excellent Crash Bang Wallace site revealed recently that Ken and Lee were to be reunited as fellow speakers as the TUC’s May Day Rally. Ken instantly backed out, citing “family commitments” – the classic cover for an embarrassing exit. When Mark then speculated that Lee is still advising Ken behind the scenes, Ken’s press guy refused to confirm or deny…

So why the background? Jasper today suggested similarities between Boris and Anders Behring Breivik, the evil bastard who killed dozens of children in Norway on Friday.

It’s hard to think of a more sickening, repugnant, classless comparison right now. Yes, both men are blonde – well noticed, you vile cretin. To connote any other similarities is just loathsome. All eyes instantly turned to Ken, who was forced to come out and pass judgement on his friend’s comments.

As far as denials of concurrence go, it’s frankly threadbare. The claim that Jasper is not “in any way involved” in Ken’s campaign is dubious at best. More absurd still is his claim that he “self-evidently” doesn’t agree with the comments. How is it self-evident? The fact that Ken just last month compared Boris’ chief-of-staff to the massacring Serbian Ratko Mladic suggests that comparisons with mass murderers are a popular campaigning method amongst Ken and his cronies, and makes Ken’s disagreement with the comments not at all ‘self-evident’.

Incidents such as these remind us who it is we’re trying so hard to keep out of City Hall. Just three years ago, these depraved individuals were running London. London is a better place for their subsequent impotence.

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