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August 1, 2011

Ken: low adrenaline and sadness at Boris’ “evil”.

There was a curious piece with Ken Livingstone in yesterday’s Sunday Times. It consisted of two parts – a ‘Day in the Life’ piece and then ten questions. The first part is bizarre for the way in which he paints a picture of a perfectly quaint retirement – he likes gardening and washing-up – and gives no sense of being eager to start a frenetic and arduous four-year job next May. One wonders how genuinely committed he is to winning back the mayoralty.

The second part – the ten questions video – is the real gem, though. When asked what makes him sad, he claims it’s “all the things that should be happening in London, but aren’t because evil stalks our streets and City Hall”. Evil? Really, Ken? Of course, the response fits with recent comments in which he compared Boris’ Chief of Staff to Ratko Mladic, and his stooge Lee Jasper suggested there were similarities between Boris and the Norwegian murderer, Anders Behring┬áBreivik. Someone really needs to let the Livingstone camp know that painting Boris and his team as “evil” simply isn’t going to win them the election.

He then goes on to claim that nothing makes him angry because he has low levels of adrenaline. But what about the ‘evil’, Ken? Doesn’t the ‘evil’ make you angry? In all seriousness, the low adrenaline would explain his lack of passion for things which normal people get justifiably angered by. Remember the teenage murders in March 2008 – as the capital recoiled with shock, its mayor dismissed the media hype, casually remarking “if it bleeds, it leads”.

In another question, when asked what he dislikes most in others, he cites “their failure to vote for me at all times”. I’d be inclined to put that down as an attempt at a joke if he didn’t say it with such obvious surety. Clearly his respect for democracy and the will of the people is as low as when he wrote a book entitled “If voting changed anything, they’d abolish it” in the late eighties. Let’s hope Londoners give him even more reason to dislike them next May…

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