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August 21, 2011

Ken’s announcement: neither major nor exciting.

Ken Livingstone has today revealed that he will be making a “major and exciting announcement” about his campaign tomorrow. The void that followed his cryptic message has been filled by others’ speculation about what the announcement could be. The best guesses I’ve seen so far include that he’s standing down as Labour’s mayoral candidate, that Lee Jasper will be his running mate, that Colonel Gaddafi will be advising him on democratic affairs, or that he secretly fancies Lady Thatcher.

As much as I’d love any of those to be true, my sources suggest otherwise. I’m told that he and Ed Miliband will be unveiling plans for an ‘army of Labour volunteers’. That’s it. Unless I’m missing something – or my sources are wrong on this – the announcement won’t be nearly as ‘major’ or ‘exciting’ as we’re led to believe…

UPDATE – 22 Aug: My sources were correct. Ken’s launched a website which “lets supporters share information about the campaign and stage local events across the capital”. All of which sounds remarkably similar to the activist dashboard which Boris’s team launched – with far less hype and hullabaloo – about six months ago. Better late than never, hey, Ken?

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