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August 24, 2011

Boris’ response to the riots.

Matthew Barrett over on ConservativeHome has compiled an excellent list of all the initiatives Boris has launched in response to the London riots:

  • A £50million fund to rebuild high streets: ”Boris Johnson today encouraged Londoners to support high street businesses as he announced a £50 million regeneration fund to rebuild areas damaged by the riots.” – Evening Standard
  • A new £3million fund to help restore riot-damaged high streets: ”The £3million High Street Fund is backed by London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron and will offer immediate cash support to small and medium sized businesses still suffering in the wake of the violence. Up to 10,000 shops, banks, restaurants and other businesses across London suffered losses as a result of the riots. Small firms were among the worst hit.” - Evening Standard
  • £20million for riot-hit Tottenham and Croydon: ”Mayor of London Boris Johnson is to work with the boroughs to develop plans that may include redeveloping land for commercial use, improving transport infrastructure in Tottenham and establishing Croydon as a retail centre” - Evening Standard
  • Giving Tottenham Hotspur £8million to help move stadium: ”Boris Johnson is to offer Tottenham Hotspur FC a huge cash injection in a move that could finally end the battle over the Olympic Stadium, the Standard can reveal.” – Evening Standard
  • Calling for young looters to be sent to specialist education units: ”Mr Johnson wants courts to be able to send those aged 11 to 15 convicted of being involved in disturbances to pupil referral units (PRUs). At present, only headteachers can order a child to be removed from their school and moved to a PRU” – Evening Standard
  • Re-launching the Croydon Tramlink service - and offering a free service to help it get passengers back – Croydon News
  • Launching a giant screen to identify suspects: ”Faces of scores of riot suspects are being shown on a giant screen in one of the shopping streets worst hit when looters devastated London.” – Evening Standard
  • Demanding every rioter apologise to their victims: ”He has written to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to say that the Government must make sure that rioters “are made to face up to the enormity of their appalling conduct”. Urging Mr Clarke to force every convicted rioter to do unpaid community service as part of their sentence, Mr Johnson also said that youngsters involved in the violence should be sent to tough Borstal-style schools.” – Evening Standard
  • Arguing against police cuts: ”Mr Johnson told Sky News: ‘The case I make to the Government, and I’m going to continue to make, is that numbers matter, and I think that the numbers we have got on the streets in London now they’re up on when I came in (as mayor). But it’s vital that we keep them high and that we keep public confidence. People need to see police on the streets out there.’” - Daily Mail

This is a timely reminder of everything that Boris has done to help those whose lives and livelihoods were so badly hurt just a couple of weeks ago. It comes a week after even Dave Hill – Ken Livingstone’s biggest supporter amongst mainstream journalists – acknowledged that Boris’ analysis of the situation was both more complete and more progressive than Ken’s. There is still a huge amount of work for Boris to do, but it’s clear that he is making good progress.

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