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September 16, 2011

John Biggs cracks jokes about the London riots.

The Telegraph reports that John Biggs – Labour London Assembly member – is accused of making inappropriate jokes about the looting that took place during the London riots. As many families and businesses struggle to find their feet again after what was, for some, a quite devastating set of events, Biggs clearly sees a funny side. When approached by someone offering sympathy for the looting that took place in the East End, he replied “Yes, got some good stuff actually!” – a joke so unfunny that one wonders if he’s being serious. He also cracked another ‘joke’ about how one of his friends had bought some of the stolen gear.

As young louts continue to be dragged before the courts and given severe punishments Рa sign of how seriously we should be treating the acts of wanton criminality Рit is frankly appalling that a leading local politician, who sits on the Metropolitan Police Authority no less, should be so blas̩ and lighthearted on the issue.

This is just the latest in a series of riot-related embarrassments for Labour in London. Ken Livingstone’s response – to basically blame the Tories for everything that had happened – was almost universally derided, culminating in one broadcaster telling him on air that he’d “lost the plot”. Then the son of Len Duvall – one of Biggs’ London Assembly colleagues – was arrested on suspicion of looting a mobile phone shop (the investigation continues on that one). And now this – silly gags and jokes about a set of events that saw people’s homes and businesses destroyed. How glad we should be that London isn’t led by a Labour mayor.

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