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September 22, 2011

A thank-you.

The light blogging over the last couple of weeks is a reflection of work being madly busy at the moment, not – as one leftie friend suggested optimistically, yesterday – a sign of waning enthusiasm. Indeed, the ‘Boris backer’ project has really only just begun. As much as I enjoy the blog, though, the real pleasure comes from others’ apparent appreciation of it, and the knowledge that it might be making just the smallest contribution to Boris’ re-election efforts. Would I bother writing it if I had no readers? Probably not.

As such, I’m thrilled at the results of the Total Politics 2011 Blog Awards, which have been announced over the last couple of weeks.┬áThis site’s been voted the 12th best Conservative blog in the UK. Even more significantly, it’s been voted top of the ‘Blogs with Boris in the name’ category…

To anyone who voted, thank you.

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