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January 11, 2012

Brian Paddick on fares: Boris right, Ken wrong.

Vanessa Feltz’s radio show made for interesting listening this morning. Ken Livingstone went on first and quite literally ranted at Feltz for three minutes about Andrew Gilligan before she could eventually persuade him to discuss policy. It was bizarre to listen to. However much he might despise Gilligan (he mentioned him 52 times in his recently published autobiography), the obvious hatred and bitterness in his voice will have been nothing but a turn-off to the average listener.

Ken was followed by Brian Paddick, the Lib Dem’s mayoral candidate, who gave a much calmer, more thoughtful interview. His most significant contribution was in dismissing Ken’s fares pledge as impossible, given there’s no spare cash in the TfL budget…

That now puts Ken in a tricky position. It’s been easy for him, so far, to insist that Boris is lying out of self-interest, but there’s no electoral reason at all for Paddick to contradict him. No doubt Ken can rely on support from the Green candidate – whatever his/her name is – but amongst the other candidates and most mainstream commentators, he’s struggling to find anyone willing to condone his deceit. Given his electoral chances depend almost entirely on Londoners believing his fares pledge is achievable and affordable, things are looking increasingly desperate for old Ken…

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