What would an NEC role require of ‘Six-Job Ken’?

February 29, 2012 Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone, London mayoralty 1 Comment

I mentioned the other day that Ken is attacking Boris for having a Telegraph column which takes him no more than an hour to write on his Sunday afternoon off. This is despite Ken having juggled the mayoralty with his position as MP for Brent East (for over a year), a column for the Independent and a column for the Morning Star. Today it emerged that, for six years of his mayoralty, Ken had a company which he channelled money into from paid media appearances and speeches. Someone else reminded me that he even found time for the odd Have I Got News for You appearance whilst mayor. By my rough calculations that made him ‘Six-Job Ken’.

I mentioned, too, that Ken has pledged to hold just the one job if elected in May, despite already standing for a position on Labour’s National Executive Committee, which is a demanding and time-consuming role. But what would it involve exactly? Helpfully, Luke Akehurst has given an overview of the role:

The full NEC meets every two months for at least half a day, with an extended “Away Day” (actually held at Party HQ!) after Annual Conference each year to look at the year’s objectives. There are multiple meetings during the week of Annual Conference. During Conference week NEC members also chair conference sessions and introduce and respond to each debate.

In practice a lot of the NEC’s business is transacted in committees and panels, which usually meet in the months in between full meetings. This is essential as a 33 member NEC is too large to consider every issue in detail.

There are a number of ad hoc panels and committees to deal with particular tasks, for instance I am serving on one about implementation of the Refounding Labour changes.

NEC members also serve on each of the NPF’s Policy Commissions and on the JPC, which has strategic oversight of policy development in the party through overseeing the rolling programme of Partnership in Power. The JPC acts as the steering group for the National Policy Forum. It is therefore a joint committee made up of NEC, Government and National Policy Forum representatives.

So that’s half-day meetings, away days, meetings throughout conference, established sub-committees and panels, ad-hoc committees and panels, policy commissions and the joint policy committee – and that doesn’t even touch on the work, communication and reports that have to be undertaken on a near-constant basis between meetings.

That Ken is standing for a position that involves that much work, whilst attacking Boris for doing some writing on his Sunday afternoons off, is nothing but shameless hypocrisy.

One Comment to “What would an NEC role require of ‘Six-Job Ken’?”

  1. Rick
    I would be impressed if Red Ken could do six jobs but am depressed as he surely does them equally badly. Hypocrisy AND mediocrity. What a combination !

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