Socialist crony drew up Ken’s income/tax records.

April 6, 2012 Ken Livingstone, London mayoralty Comments Off

Within minutes of Ken finally begrudgingly releasing his tax and income records yesterday, it became clear that they were both incomplete and inaccurate. It was also clear that they hadn’t come from Ken’s accountants, unless they’re woefully incompetent. As Guido noted, no-one with any financial knowledge would refer to ‘Corporation Tax paid on Dividends’, given you pay income tax, not corporation tax, on company dividends. Even the layout of the records – with the financial years down the left-hand side – isn’t the work of an accountant.

Meta-data from the spreadsheet (see image) revealed that the records had actually been fabricated drawn up by a guy called Mark Watts. Watts was one of Ken’s advisors at City Hall – indeed one of the advisors that got a six-figure pay-off when Ken was voted out, after Ken made late changes to rules on severance payments. He is part of the Socialist Action group, and has made large donations to Ken’s campaign. Hardly an independent or professional figure.

This prompts two thoughts:

  • When he released the records yesterday, Ken claimed that they had been “verified by his accountant”. Given they’re poorly drawn up, incomplete and inaccurate, are Ken’s accountants – Peter Auguste & Co of Brighton – really alright with being associated with them in such a way?
  • Boris had his records signed off by an accountant. Brian Paddick released his full tax return. Ken delayed, prevaricated and then got an old pal to knock out an incomplete spreadsheet. What is he hiding?

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