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April 14, 2012


Ken’s pre-planned tears at scripted actors.

I said at the time that there was something a bit odd about Ken’s tears the other day. It wasn’t simply that he cried, but more that he cried at a video he would have seen multiple times before. And that he physically brought attention to the tears by screwing his hands into fists, like a child might.

Of course, as with virtually every other stunt Team Ken have tried in this campaign, it’s quickly unravelled and left him looking even more foolish than before. We discovered yesterday that the characters in the election broadcast were actors, recruited by an ad agency and paid to read a pre-prepared script. Any suggestion that they were genuine supporters willing Ken on was quite simply a fabrication. For Ken to have “wept” at some actors reading lines provided to them by Team Ken is cynically inauthentic.

In another telling development, Guido‘s been told “that the crying was not only mooted in a staff meeting but discussed afterwards as having gone too far”.

Team Ken’s attempts to shut the story down backfired too. A statement from the CEO of the agency that created the broadcast insisted ”When Patricia, the old lady in the film, thanks Ken for the free bus pass, she does it because she really means it.” What perhaps neither the CEO nor the old lady knew is that the ‘free bus pass’ line was one of just many lies in the video. Free bus passes for old people were introduced in 1973, eight years before Ken became leader of the GLC…

So Ken brought in actors, gave them scripts riddled with lies, and then burst into tears at the result. What an absolute omni-shambles.

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  1. Kevin T
    Apr 14 2012

    I honestly think it would be worth looking into whether any large bets have been placed on Livingstone coming third. You would have got pretty high odds on that a month ago (maybe not quite as high now). I’m finding it increasingly hard to believe that a politician an experienced as him, with 4 years to prepare and plan his re-election, could run such a shambolic campaign.


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