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May 3, 2012

Boris has voted, but have you?

As I publish this at 6pm, there are exactly four hours left until polling stations close. Boris has voted, but have you?

Although the final YouGov poll gave Boris a lead, it wasn’t big enough to guarantee victory, and reports suggest that turnout is much lower than expected. Low turnout makes it far more possible for the likes of Galloway’s gang and the fraudulent votes in Tower Hamlets to have a deciding say in the election. Unless Boris’s supporters get out and vote over the next four hours, there’s still a very real chance Ken could be declared the winner tomorrow.

And then what? A victory speech, riddled with self-satisfaction, before four years of rocketing council tax, rocketing crime, profligate waste, massive congestion charge expansion, corrupt cronies, negligently low levels of transport investment, and attacks on certain minorities more befitting of a pariah state.

If you want positive, tolerant, responsible, cost-effective, unifying government in London, and you haven’t yet voted, please get down to your polling station in the next couple of hours and back Boris.

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