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Labour’s economic legacy and isolation.

In advance of tomorrow’s budget, CCHQ have produced a couple of clever images to show Labour’s economic legacy and their isolated position regarding the recovery plan:

Not only is Labour’s recklessness to blame for the uncomfortable truths that we’ll hear tomorrow, but that recklessness is continued by their refusal to acknowledge the need for a recovery plan. Tomorrow’s Brown-esque denial of the deficit by Ed Balls et al will be greeted by head-scratching and incredulity from a significant majority of the economic community.


Ed Balls’ beauty finally recognised.

It was quite remiss of me to forget to congratulate Ed Balls yesterday on being voted the 5th most attractive male MP in a Sky News poll. It was presumably photos such as the below which helped him secure such a worthy and deserved accolade.


Angry Ed Balls moments.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave you ‘Awkward Ed Miliband moments‘ and ‘Funny David Miliband moments‘. I now give you ‘Angry Ed Balls moments’….


Quote of the day: Ed Balls.

“It is tough – Alan is a great loss.”

(Ed Balls, grinning from ear to ear, after replacing Alan Johnson as shadow chancellor.)


The things I like about Ed Balls.